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Willow, 30 Kasım 2022 tarihinde ilk bölümünü yayımlamıştır. Macera ve fantastik türdeki dizi Disney Plus platformunda yer almaktadır.

İşte Willow Dizi Oyuncuları İsimleri

  • Warwick Davis – Willow Ufgood
  • Ellie Bamber – Dove
  • Ruby Cruz – Kit Tanthalos
  • Dempsey Bryk – Airk Tanthalos
  • Amar Chadha-Patel – Thraxus Boorman
  • Tony Revolori – Graydon Hastur
  • Erin Kellyman – Jade Claymore
Willow Replikleri

Willow Sözleri, Willow Dizi Sözleri

  1. “You just have to believe. Having faith in the power that’s inside you.”
  2. “Big, small, you’ll find it’s all a matter of perspective.”
  3. “You’ve never known pain, fear, hunger. When we get out there, it’s not going to matter who your parents are, or what you think you deserve. Because the world is bigger than you could possibly imagine.”
  4. “There is an energy that flows through all living things. Now that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. What we call magic is the art of transforming that energy from one form to another.”
  5. “There is a balance between all things. Light and shadow. Good and evil. Sweet and spicy. When that balance is upset, the universe corrects.”
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