Vikings: Valhalla Replikleri

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Vikings: Valhalla, 25 Şubat 2022 tarihinde ilk sezonu yayımlanmıştır. Netflix paltformunda yer alan dizi Vikings dizisinden 100 yıl sonrasını anlatmaktadır. Dram, tarih ve aksiyon türündeki dizinin yönetmenliğini Steve Saint Leger, Hannah Quinn ve Niels Arden Oplev yapımcılığınıysa Morgan O’Sullivan, Channing Dungey, Michael Hirst, Sherry Marsh ve Alan Gasmer yapmaktadır.

Vikings: Valhalla Oyuncuları İsimleri

  • Sam Corlett – Leif Ericksson
  • Frida Gustavsson – Freydis Eriksdotter
  • Leo Suter – Harald Sigurdsson
  • Laura Berlin – Emma of Normandy
  • Johannes Haukur Johannesson – Olaf Haraldson
  • David Oakes – Earl Godwin
  • Bradley Freegard – King Canute
  • Caroline Henderson – Jarl Haakon
  • Goran Visnjic – Erik the Red
Vikings: Valhalla Replikleri

Vikings: Valhalla Dizi Sözleri, Vikings: Valhalla Dizi Replikleri

  1. “Things change. And we must change with them.”
  2. “Whatever happens, you must survive. You are The Last.”
  3. “The cross that carries the sword was never you. It was my destiny.”
  4. “Miracles, like deals with the devil, come with strings attached. Something is always expected in return.”
  5. “True Vikings always reach for glory. It’s what defines us.”
  6. “Not every Christian is bad. All religions have flaws.”
  7. “You will know glory when you reach it. Trust me. This is just the path to get there.”
  8. “This invasion is to avenge the murder of our people. All Viking people. I draw no distinction between Pagan or Christian.”
  9. “Necessity creates unusual allies.”
  10. “You married a Norman. We create nightmares.”
  11. “This is what it cost me. Double would have killed me.”
  12. “This blood… It’s not my blood. It is our blood, it is Viking blood!”
  13. “You are the guardians of Kattegat, keepers of the faith. If we die, so do our Gods. They become memories. You will not fail them if you do not fail yourselves.”
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Netflix – Vikings: Valhalla Replikleri İngilizce, Vikings: Valhalla Sözleri İngilizce

“Facing doubts or fears is the first step in courage.”

“All things are possible if our minds are open.”

“It is good to listen to a man who knows his own mind and has the courage to speak it.”

“If my people die in this war you have brought to my door, they die with honor, not shame.”

“I prefer my fate to be in my own hands.”

“A rotten house cannot be repaired. It must be torn down in order to build a better one.”

“My people do not fear death. They know if they fight till their last breath, they will have earned a seat at Odin’s table.”

Vikings: Valhalla Replikleri

“Change is happening, and we must be ready.”

“I don’t believe ghosts can hurt me. But I do believe that Vikings can.”

“A man who asks for nothing is someone I cannot trust.”

“The good of the kingdom requires that I acknowledge the existing marriage of Queen Aelfgifu and my son.”

“If so, there will come a day when your fear of failure will be overwhelmed by an instinct to act. To survive. If you listen to it, you will succeed.”

“We’ve been here so long, many of us don’t recognize our own language.”

“I don’t need your promise. I can deliver justice myself.”

“Bring me the Boy King! Bring me England!”

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