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Uncoupled, 29 Temmuz 2022 tarihinde ilk bölümünü yayımlamıştır. Romantik komedi ve drama türündeki dizi Netflix platformunda yer almaktadır. Uncoupled dizisinin başrollerini Michael Lawson rolüyle Neil Patrick Harris, Colin McKenna rolüyle Tuc Watkins, Suzanne Prentiss rolüyle Tisha Campbell, Claire Lewis rolüyle Marcia Gay Harden, Billy Burns rolüyle Emerson Brooks ve Stanley James rolüyle Brooks Ashmanskas paylaşmaktadır.

Uncoupled dizi sözleri

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  1. “When you betray people they often don’t want to talk to you.”
  2. “Why are they on grindr when they’re right next to us?”
  3. “Quick turn around! Whis is something you’ll hear a lot on grindr.”
  4. “You’ve got to play hard to get if you want to get him hard again.”
  5. “I don’t wanna f*ck it up because one of us didn’t prepare for the slim possibility of New York City traffic! New York City!”
  6. “I can’t will mysel into a relationship because I miss being in one.”
  7. “This might be the push I need to get off my a*s and up somebody else’s.”
  8. “People only use 50 and so young in same sentence at a funeral.”
  9. “400 Dollar SJP’s down the drain!”
  10. “I prepped your birthday breakfast, but my showing got moved up by an hour, so you’ll have to finish without me for the second time today”
  11. “He didn’t leave me for anyone. Hejust wanted to leave me. Which somehow feels worse.”
  12. “Or maybe he’s a good person who did a very bad thing.”
  13. “Being single’s an attitude. The minute you are desperate for a relationship, never gonna find one.”
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