Thor: Love and Thunder Replikleri

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Thor: Love and Thunder (Thor: Aşk ve Gök Gürültüsü), 8 Temmuz 2022 tarihinde vizyona girmiştir. Marvel Sinematik Evreni‘ndeki 29. süper kahraman filmidir. Filmin yönetmenliğini Taika Waititi, senaristliğiniyse Kevin Feige yapmıştır. Thor filminin başrollerini Thor rolüyle Chris Hemsworth, Jane Foster rolüyle Natalie Portman, Valkyrie rolüyle Tessa Thompson ve Gorr the God Butcher rolüyle Christian Bale paylaşmıştır.

Thor: Love and Thunder Replikleri

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  1. “None of us know how long we have. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. And Mjolnir, Mjolnir chose you. And it chose you because you’re worthy. And that’s something.”
  2. “First off, the name is Mighty Thor. And secondly, if you can’t say Mighty Thor, I’ll accept Doctor Jane Foster. And thirdly, eat my hammer!”
  3. “You ever feel lost, just look into the eyes of the people that you love. They’ll tell you exactly who you are.”
  4. “Why would I spend my last moments with you when I can be with her? I choose love.”
  5. “This is my vow. All gods will die.”
  6. “I do need you, Jane. I need you alive.”
  7. “I’ve been meaning to apologize. Sort of acting a little weird before. I just haven’t really been myself lately. You know, kind of… Trying to figure out who I am, and just felt a little bit lost.”
  8. “Keep your heart open.”
  9. “I wanna feel shitty about something and I think that’s you.”
  10. “Just as the sword empowered me, the hammer empowered you. But it did nothing to change your fate. The gods will use you, but they will not help you. There is no eternal reward for us.”
  11. “The only ones who gods care about is themselves.”
  12. “Break a leg.”
    – “I’ll break all his legs.”
  13. “After thousands of years of living, you don’t seem to know who the hell you are. I’ve been lost before. But then I found meaning, I found love. And yeah, it got taken from me, and god, that hurts. But that shitty feeling is better than feeling empty. My hope for you is that one day you will find something to make you feel this shitty.”
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