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The Peripheral, 21 Ekim 2022 tarihinde ilk bölümü yayımlanmıştır. Bilim kurgu, dram ve gerilim türündeki diziyi Westworld dizisinin yaratıcıları Jonathan Nolan ve Lisa Joy yapmaktadır.

The Peripheral Hangi Kitaptan Uyarlama?

2014 yılında Willian Gibson’ın yayımlamış olduğu The Peripheral isimli romanından uyarlanmaktadır.

The Peripheral Oyuncuları İsimleri

  • Chloe Grace Moretz – Flynne Fisher
  • Gary Carr – Wilf Netherton
  • Jack Reynor – Burton
  • T’Nia Miller – Cherise
  • Louis Herthum – Corbell Pickett
  • Katie Leung – Ash
  • JJ Field – Lev
  • Melinda Page Hamilton – Ella Fisher
  • Austin Rising – Leon
  • Charlotte Riley – Aelita West
  • Alex Hernandez – Tommy Constantine
  • Chris Coy – Jasper
  • Eli Goree – Conner
  • Adelind Horan – Billy Ann Baker
The Peripheral Replikleri

İşte The Peripheral Dizi Sözleri

  1. “Before you accept any cash from someone, always ask what they might want in exchange.”
  2. “I imagine you’ve begun to shout in your head, haven’t you? ‘End Game! Disconnect!’ You can’t do that here because I initiate the connection, and only I can end it, so.”
  3. “You aren’t playing a sim, Ms. Fisher. You’re inside what we call a Peripheral. Telepresent.”
  4. “What’s the sim about?”
    – “Kidnapping? But that’s definitely just the start!”
    “You must’ve done something right because they want you back tomorrow and they just bumped up the money.”
  5. “I’m rather fond of my pets. Far more reliable than my friends.”
  6. “You won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t have the courage to be cruel now and then, just for the pure animal joy of it.”
  7. “You killed your family?”
  8. “Like it or not, this here’s the only world that I got.”
  9. “Thylacine analogs. Though I believe you may call them something else.”
    – “Tasmanian tigers. I saw them on a show once but they said that they were extinct.”
    “Well one of Lev’s hobbies is recreating such things. From their DNA.”
  10. “It’s a point of pride. I don’t lie to my friends. So, please, take some care of what you ask. I’d hate to stop thinking of you as a friend.”
  11. “Now you can be my ally here. Or my enemy. Your choice.”
  12. “The truth twice in one conversation. Be careful now, it might become a habit.”
  13. “When there were need of the creation of the sun, the Moon, the planets, and the Earth, there was only darkness, and everything was created from the darkness.”
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