The Irregulars Replikleri

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The Irregulars, 26 Mart 2021 tarihinde ilk sezonunu yayımlamıştır. Netflix’te yayımlanan suç, dram ve gizem dolu dizinin başrollerini Spike rolüyle McKell David, Bea rolüyle Thaddea Graham, Billy rolüyle Jojo Macari, Leopold rolüyle Harrison Osterfield ve Jessie rolüyle Darci Shaw paylaşmaktadır.

The Irregulars Replikleri

İşte The Irregulars Dizi Sözleri

  1. “She’s not the only family you got. We’re your family, too, aren’t we?”
  2. “When you’ve spent a lifetime fighting demons, you get to learn how to spot an angel.”
  3. “You’re like a racist against posh people.”
  4. “I’m too pretty to be here. I stand out a mile. My handsomeness is making me a target.”
  5. “Don’t play a game of remembrance if there’s things you’ve tried to forget.”
  6. “Just because you ride around in a fancy carriage and wear suits doesn’t make you my better. Doesn’t make you anyone’s better.”
  7. “You should be knee-deep in shenanigans by now.”
  8. “When it comes to John Watson, there are only warts.”
  9. “I’m more foul than the devil.”
  10. “Maybe we don’t need to do the invisible present thing.”
  11. “His wand is flapping all over the shop. It’s very unbecoming.”
  12. “If you want these nightmares to stop, then you must remember what you thought was madness is power.”
  13. “I’m so glad that word of my fondness for crockery has reached the ears of His Lordship.”
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