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The Expanse, 23 Kasım 2015 tarihinde ilk bölümünü yayınlamıştır ve halen devam etmektedir. Dizinin yönetmenliğini Jeff Woolnough, Terry McDonough, Robert Lieberman ve Bill Johnson, senaristliğini ise Daniel Abraham, Mark Fergus, Ty Franck ve Hawk Ostby yapmaktadır. Başrollerini Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Paulo Costanzo, Florence Faivre, Shawn Doyle, Shohreh Aghdashloo ve Frankie Adams paylaşmıştır.

The Expanse
  1. “I need you to know, whatever happens, wherever you go, you’re not gonna do it alone.”
  2. “Usually, when a man is about to lose everything, he realizes what mattered to him most. He sees it clearly for the first time.”
  3. “I grew up in a goddamn pachinko parlor, okay? And I sure as shit don’t want to die in one.”
  4. “Individuals can be divided and conquered, but symbols… Symbols endure.”
  5. “Good and bad, don’t get distracted by that. It will just confuse you. Good men do bad things, like Fred Johnson. And bad men do things believing it’s for the good of all mankind.”
  6. “The way I see it, there’s only three kinds of people in this world. Bad ones, ones you follow, and ones you need to protect.”
  7. “Cold war is a bloodless war. Mutual distrust and complete co-dependence.”
  8. “When you spend your whole life living under a dome, even the idea of an ocean seems impossible to imagine.”
  9. “Pick all the pockets you want, roll drunks, but when you mess with the water, that’s when you’re going down.”
  10. “Everyone leaves unfinished business. That’s what dying is.”
  11. “It’s better to go down swinging than rolling over.”
  12. “I didn’t kill him because he was crazy. I killed him because he was making sense.”
  13. “The only things Earthers care about is government handouts. Free food, free water, free drugs so that you can forget the aimless lives you lead. You’re short-sighted and selfish, and it will destroy you.”
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