Shadow and Bone Replikleri

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Shadow and Bone (Gölge ve Kemik), 23 Nisan 2021 tarihinde ilk sezonunu yayımlamıştır. Drama, gizem ve fantezi türlerini barındıran Netflix dizisinin başrollerini Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Kit Young, Ben Barnes ve Zoë Wanamaker paylaşmaktadır.

Shadow and Bone Replikleri

İşte Gölge ve Kemik Dizi Sözleri

  1. “Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Only out of spite.”
  2. “No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take.”
  3. “The bone road ebbs and and the bone road flows.”
  4. “When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place, and it’s full of monsters.”
  5. “I have been an outsider before, that is no excuse.”
  6. “Our enemies are threatened by your mere existence.”
  7. “I’m old enough to know the only way out is through.”
  8. “So there is a brain inside all the muscle.”
  9. “They aren’t the monsters. They’re just boys.”
  10. “Handsome decoy is also not a Jesper talent.”
  11. “Cardinal North is a direction on a map. True North is home. You have always been my true north, Mal.”
  12. “I’ve never been welcome here, because I look like my mother, and she looked like the enemy.”
  13. “Needing anyone else is weak.”
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