Russian Doll Replikleri

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Russian Doll, 1 Şubat 2019 tarihinde ilk sezonunu yayınlamıştır. Yönetmenliğini Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler ve Leslye Headland yapmaktadır. Başrollerini Natasha Lyonne, Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Charlie Barnett ve Elizabeth Ashley paylaşmaktadır.

russian doll replikleri
  1. “Sexualizing self-hatred is the hallmark of any relationship that begins with extra-marital infidelity.”
  2. “That’s why therapists are important. Without them, we are very unreliable narrators of our own stories.”
  3. “I mean, I smoke, what, like, two packs a day. I have the internal organs of a man twice my age. If I make it to my low 70s, I’ll be shocked.”
  4. “Religion is dumb as f*ck, all right? It’s racist. It’s sexist. There’s no money in it… anymore. Who needs it?”
  5. “Life is like a box of timelines.”
  6. “It’s my bad attitude that keeps me young.”
  7. “With the amount of guilt, I’m surprised you’re not a Jew.”
  8. “The universe is trying to f*ck with me, and I refuse to engage.”
  9. “No matter how much we think that we’re fooling people, our bodies, they can’t keep lying the way that our minds can.”
  10. “Fun is for suckers, Max. Two minutes ago, I turned 36. Staring down the barrel of my own mortality always beats fun.”
  11. “That’s my drug dealer. I gotta take this.”
  12. “Holding two incompatible ideas in your head at the same time and accepting both of them, that’s the best of being human. Yes-no, good-bad, life-death.”
  13. “Routine is an incredible thing. We become what we repeatedly do.”
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