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Rango, 4 Mart 2011 tarihinde vizyona girmiştir. Yönetmenliğini Gore Verbinski, senaristliğini ise John Logan yapmıştır. Filmde yer alan karakterlere Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, Timothy Olyphant ve Ned Beatty seslendirme yapmışlardır.

Rango Replikler

İşte Rango Film Sözleri

  1. “Who am I? I’m nobody.”
  2. “Doesn’t matter what they call you… it’s the deeds that make the man.”
  3. “You’re a stranger. Strangers don’t last long here.”
  4. “I don’t know what I’m looking for. I don’t even know who I am.”
  5. “No man can walk out of his own story.”
  6. “Us reptiles gotta stick together. Right, my brother?”
    – “I’m an amphibian.”
    “Ain’t no shame in that.”
  7. “I think the metaphor broke my spleen.”
  8. “Now, remember son: stay in school, eat your veggies, burn everything but Shakespeare.”
  9. “All right, folks; stand back, clear the area, this is a crime scene, now. Secure the parameter, dust for prints, check for fibers, scan for DNA, I want a urine sample from everyone and get me a latte. Don’t mix up the two.”
  10. “Is this Heaven?”
    – “If it were, we’d be eatin’ Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak.”
  11. “I couldn’t help but notice you noticing me noticing you.”
  12. “Thespians? That’s illegal in seven states!”
  13. “I will blow that ugly right off your face!”
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