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Prison Break, ilk bölümünü 29 Ağustos 2005 son bölümünü ise 30 Mayıs 2017 tarihinde yayınlamıştır. Dizinin senaritsliğini Paul Scheuring yapmıştır. Başrollerini Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, Amaury Nolasco, Wade Williams, Robert Knepper, Chris Vance, Robert Wisdom, Danay Garcia, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, William Fichtner, Paul Adelstein ve Peter Stormare paylaşmıştır.

Prison Break
  1. “You’re in the old man’s back pocket, are you? I got news for you Fish, he may run this place during the day, but I run it during the night.”
  2. “Remember Pretty, I am serving life plus one. So if I get busted for attempted escape, I’ma throw in a homicide, no problem, that’s like a parking ticket to me!”
  3. “When I was young, I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought there was a monster in the closet. But my brother told me there wasn’t anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn’t real. He said it wasn’t made of anything just…air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it. You just have to open that closet and the monster would disappear.”
  4. “Preparation will only take you so far. After that you got to take a few leaps of faith.”
  5. “I’ll always be a step ahead of you. I can see everything in your eyes.”
  6. “When Michael takes on the world, the world always loses.”
  7. “All I keep thinking, looking back onto this, I was set up. I know whoever it was who set me up wants me in the ground as quickly as possible.”
  8. “Trust me’ means absolutely zero inside these walls.”
  9. “I’m telling you, the guards are the dirtiest gang in this whole place. The only difference between us and them is the badge.”
  10. “I came in here a man. Give me the strength to walk out of here a man.”
  11. “I’ll protect you. All you gotta do is take this pocket right here, and your life’ll be all peaches and cream. I walk, you walk with me. I’ll keep you real close so no one up in here can hurt you.”
  12. “Of all the things that mystify me in this world since I’ve been released, is that kale is the rage. Kale.”
  13. “I think you are scared and you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t scared in a place like this.”
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