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Peaky Blinders, 12 Eylül 2013 tarihinde ilk bölümünü yayınlamıştır. Dizi günümüzde halen devam etmektedir. Yönetmenliğini Otto Bathurts ve Tommy Harper, senaristliğini ise Steven Knigt yapmaktadır. Başrollerini Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory paylaşmaktadır.

Peaky Blinders
  1. “Who the f*ck are you?”
    – “Who the f*ck am I?”
  2. “You’re gypsies, right? So what do you live in, a f*cking tent or caravan?”
  3. “These bastards only understand one language.”
  4. “He is of mixed religion, therefore he is godless.”
  5. “Big f*cks small always, actually. There is a fight going on out there between big and small. Big will f*ck small.”
  6. “Five for peace, two for truce, one abstention. Let’s get on with the war.”
  7. “I hear that you’ve got Italians, mate. You got a kestrel for them and all?”
  8. “The Americans want it sweeter.”
  9. “Those of you who are last will soon be first. And those of you who are downtrodden will rise up.”
  10. “Cause your people, your class, and my religion is quite similar actually, because you just cannot wash it out, right, because it, it come out your mother’s t*ts.”
  11. “I’m not a traitor to my class. I am just an extreme example of what a working man can achieve.”
  12. “That shit’ll rot your pipework.”
  13. “F*cking hell, it smells of pig round here, don’t it? Definitely not kosher.”

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