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Messiah, 1 Ocak 2020 tarihinde ilk sezonunu yayınlamıştır. Yönetmenliğini Michael Petroni yapmaktadır. Başrollerini Michelle Monaghan, Mehdi Dehbi, John Ortiz, Tomer Sisley, Melinda Page Hamilton, Stefania LaVie Owen, Sayyid El Alami, Jane Adams, Wil Traval, Farès Landoulsi ve Barbara Eve Harris paylaşmaktadır.

messiah replikleri
  1. “There is no deity but God.”
  2. “No one can question God’s will.”
  3. “Everybody worships. The only choice is what we worship Some people kneel to money, some to power, some to intellect. And then he goes on to question the society that we live in and the society that is driven by the world of greed and money and power.”
  4. “Listen to me, my brothers and sisters. They pretend to preach God’s word, and all they do is twist its meaning. It is written in The Book.”
  5. “There were on the planet where the Little Prince lived as on all planets good plants and bad plants. In consequence, there were good seeds from good plants, and bad seeds from bad plants But seeds are invisible They sleep deep in the heart of the earth’s darkness. Until someone among them is seized… with the desire to awaken”
  6. “Everybody worships. The only choice is what we worship. Some people kneel to money. Some to power, to intellect.”
  7. “Believe me when I say God Because God wants you to live. Mark my words! On this day, mark my words! God’s hand will turn them away! Salvation is at hand!”
  8. “I’m a part of God’s plan.”
  9. “Is your world good? Is it evil? Ask yourself who is guilty? Who is innocent? What are you? Now look at your neighbor. Look at your neighbor. Be brave enough to see yourself. Your own reflection cast back at you. Each reflected in each. Look where you stand. In a shining city on a hill. In the land of the free and the brave, standing for liberty and justice. How true do those words ring for you? When did you bring liberty? Where did you cause justice?”
  10. “Nothing shall befall us, except what God has ordained.”
  11. “Carrying men’s burdens, keeping their secrets, telling them what they want to hear, as you let them touch you. You tell yourself you don’t care, but every day your soul is diminished. Every day…you die a little more.”
  12. “He is coming with the clouds. And every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him. So shall it be So shall it be. Amen.”
  13. “If you look for truth, you may find comfort. If you look for comfort, you will never find truth.”
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