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Matrix Reloaded, 16 Mayıs 2003 tarihinde yayınlanmıştır. Serinin ikinci filminin yönetmenliğini ve senaristliğini yine Wachowski kardeşler yapmıştır. Başrollerini Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Gloria Foster, Monica Bellucci, Collin Chou, Jada Pinkett Smith ve Lambert Wilson paylaşmıştır.


İşte Matrix Film Sözleri

  1. “I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me.”
  2. “If one fails, all fail.”
  3. “I love French wine, like I love the French language. I have sampled every language, French is my favorite. Fantastic language. Especially to curse with. Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d’enculer ta mère. It’s like wiping your arse with silk. I love it.”
  4. “I want everything.”
    – “Would that include a bullet from this gun?”
  5. “You see, there is only one constant. One universal. It is the only real truth. Causality. Action, reaction. Cause and effect.”
  6. “These machines keep us alive, while other machines are coming to kill us. Interesting, isn’t it? The power to give life, and the power to end it.”
  7. “All I know is that ship needs an operator. And right now that operator’s me.”
  8. “There are no accidents. We have not come here by chance. I do not believe in chance.”
  9. “I hate sleeping. I figured, I’ve slept the first eleven years of my life away, so now I’m just making up for it.”
  10. “Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.”
  11. “Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.”
  12. “What is the reason? Soon the why and the reason are gone and all that matters is the feeling. This is the nature of the universe. We struggle against it, we fight to deny it; but it is of course a lie. Beneath our poised appearance we are completely out of control.”
  13. “Choice, the problem is choice.”
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