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Jupiter’s Legacy, 7 Mayıs 2021 tarihinde ilk sezonu yayımlanmıştır. Drama ve süper kahraman türündeki Netflix dizisinin başrollerini The Utopian veya Sheldon Sampson rolüyle Josh Duhamel, Brainwave veya Walter Sampson rolüyle Ben Daniels, Lady Liberty veya Grace Kennedy-Sampson rolüyle Leslie Bibb, Paragon veya Brandon Sampson rolüyle Andrew Horton, Chloe Sampson rolüyle Elena Kampouris, The Flare veya Fitz Small rolüyle Mike Wade ve Skyfox veya George Hutchence rolüyle Matt Lanter paylaşmaktadır.

Jupiter's Legacy Replikleri

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  1. “Everything I do reflects on the family and the Union.”
  2. “One day it turns out you’ve been building your own box, and you’re the one inside of it.”
  3. “The bad guys are people, too.”
  4. “Everything ends up in a box.”
  5. “He’s not even close to being ready. Maybe he never will be.”
  6. “Some would say free will is what’s bringing the world to its knees.”
  7. “Someone still has to stand for something.”
  8. “You have to care, you have to care about people. You have to care about everything.”
  9. “What good is setting an example if nobody ever follows it?”
  10. “Service, compassion mercy, those are the words we live by. That is our code, and it’s the most important thing in the world.”
  11. “It’s not a punishment, it’s an opportunity. Use it.”
  12. “Noone can live up to the great Utopian. Not even dad.”
  13. “It doesn’t allow for the way the world really is and how the majority of people live in it, in shades of gray.”
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