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Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 17 Eylül 2013 tarihinde ilk bölümünü yayınlamıştır. Dizi 7. sezonu ile günümüzde devam etmektedir. Yönetmenliğini Phil Lord, Chris Miller ve Jason Ensler, senaristliğini ise Daniel J. Goor ve Michael Schur yapmaktadır. Başrollerini Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Andre Braugher, Dirk Blocker ve Joel McKinnon Miller paylaşmaktadır.


İşte Brooklyn Nine Nine Dizi Sözleri

  1. “God, you must have been the worst fourth grader ever.”
  2. “Aw, man. All the orange soda spilled out of my cereal.”
  3. “You should make me your campaign manager. I was born for politics! I have great hair and I love lying.”
  4. “I swear, these perps are so stupid. I’d make a better criminal than any of ’em.”
  5. “Say goodbye to this ring and everything it represents!”
  6. “Well, frankly, I pity the lot of you. You look out there and see a problem, I look out there and see an opportunity. I’m gonna slide on that slippery floor all the way from Holt’s office to the elevator.”
  7. “Yeah. Okay, here it goes. Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are. I love how beautiful you are. I love your face, and I love your butt. I should’ve written this down first.”
  8. “It’s such a classic Boyle trait to not recognize talent. My cousin Susan didn’t know she could sing until her late 40’s.”
  9. “If I’m ever going to make captain, I need a good mentor; I need my rabbi.”
  10. “‘I’m so confused I don’t know what’s happening right now’: title of your sex tape.”
  11. “You just graduated Pie School, bitches! Sorry I said ‘bitches,’ I’m just really worked up.”
  12. “Guys? My water just broke.”
    – “Don’t worry about that, we’ll just get you another one- oh, you mean your body water! That’s much worse!”
  13. “I appealed to their sense of teamwork and camaraderie with a rousing speech that would put Shakespeare to shame.”
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