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Black Panther (Kara Panter), 16 Şubat 2018 tarihinde vizyona girmiştir. Yönetmenliğini Ryan Coogler senaristliğini ise Joe Robert Cole ve Ryan Coogler yapmıştır. Başrollerini Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker ve Andy Serkis paylaşmıştır.

black panther

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  1. “I’ve waited my whole life for this. The world’s going to start over. I’MA BURN IT ALL!”
  2. “I never yielded! And as you can see, I am not dead!”
  3. “Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows. We can not. We must not. We will work to be an example of how we, as brothers and sisters on this earth, should treat each other. Now, more than ever, the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe.”
  4. “This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all just wrap it up and go home?”
  5. “Y’all sittin’ up here comfortable.”
  6. “You know, where I’m from… when black folks started revolutions, they never had the firepower… or the resources to fight their oppressors. Where was Wakanda? Hmm? Yeah, all that ends today. We got spies embedded in every nation on Earth. Already in place. I know how colonizers think. So we’re gonna use their own strategy against ’em. We’re gonna send vibranium weapons out to our War Dogs. They’ll arm oppressed people all over the world… so they can finally rise up and kill those in power. And their children. And anyone else who takes their side. It’s time they know the truth about us! I am Black Hitler!”
  7. “People die every day. That’s just part of life around here.”
  8. “Like an antelope in headlights.”
  9. “Don’t scare me like that, colonizer!”
  10. “I will not abandon someone to die, when I have the means to save his life.”
  11. “What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world.”
  12. “This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all just wrap it up and go home?”
  13. “Wakanda survived for so long by only fighting when absolutely necessary.”
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