Black Mirror Replikleri

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Black Mirror, 4 Aralık 2011 tarihinde yayınlanmaya başlamıştır. Dizinin her bölümünde farklı yönetmenler, senaristler ve oyuncular görev almaktadır. Dizideki bölümler birbirinden bağımsız bir şekilde ilerlemektedir.

black mirror replikleri
  1. “You are a top bird. I don’t know what that means, but I heard someone say it once and you’re it.”
  2. “Got our attention, as requested. What do you want to say?”
  3. “I guess they were always like that underneath. Just needed the rules to change, for no-one to intervene.”
  4. “Pictures hang about on Google like a Gypsy fucking curse. There’s no cure for the Internet, you would never go away.”
  5. “Heaven is a place on Earth.”
  6. “It’s like I’ve had a bad tooth for years and I’m just finally getting my tongue in there and I’m digging out all the rotten sh*t.”
  7. “You know, we give ourselves a bad rep, but we’re genuinely empathetic as a species.”
  8. “I know people. We love humiliation. We can’t not laugh.”
  9. “You’re not going to win, though.”
  10. “So many choices, you end up not knowing which one you want.”
  11. “I’m sorry you found my normal behavior to be highly inappropriate.”
  12. “It turned out a lot of my friends didn’t care for honesty. Treated me like I had taken a shit at their breakfast table. But Jesus Christ, it felt good.”
  13. “And I shouldn’t have drunk last night. Next time, could you try and stop me?”
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